Our Story

As one of Mediterranean’s children, I moved away to a life and career in the big city. Working hard in the private sector was very stressful and with my dear wife Canan, we made the decision to move to a small village to spend more time with our hobbies and interests. I was the first to leave my profession in order to find our idyllic location to a new life. After a long search, travelling from Cannakkale to Antalya I came upon Hoyran 3km from Davazlar, my village of birth.

After viewing the location, Canan and I purchased the land in March 2002. We travelled the region to research the architecture of traditional village houses drawing many sketches and making notes along our way. We started construction of Hoyran Wedre in March 2003 and Canan continued work  in her professional career until 2008. During that period, we came together for a weekend every 15 days alternating between Hoyran and Istanbul. During those trips,we travelled over 80000km equivalent to twice around the globe and our travelling expenses eventually cost more than the land purchase.

In 2006, the project was completed and we opened our doors to guests.  We are now part of the community, bringing many benefits to the local economy. We have been very careful to respect the village and create a harmonious balance between tourism and local culture…

During the day, it is possible to join us in the garden watering the plants, feeding the animals or picking the seasonal fruits. For the less active, relaxing in a hammock with a good book and refreshing oneself from time to time with a dip in the pool. In the spring and autumn we lead walks along the Lycian Way footpath exploring many ancient sites.

Free from the stress of city life, come and join us to share the sublime nature in a tranquil village setting.